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INCUMBENT LIST; - Rectors of Winchelsea; - The murder of Thomas Becket in 1215 the earliest recorded mention of church of St Thomas Old Winchelsea; Roger of Messenden 1254; Henry Mantel 1260; Walter of Agmondesham 1269; Adam of Agmondesham 1277; (In 1287 the church was lost in a great storm -renamed St Thomas New Winchelsea) Adam of Agmondesham 1294; Thomas of Agmondesham 1310; Roger de Sutton 1311; Richard de Gynge; (In 1312 Alard Chantry founded); Richard Bidynden of Winchelsea 1329; John Glynd 1337 (died in the Black Death); John de Scarle 1349; Robert Vyllers 1356; Richard Gryffin 1362; Peter Done 1367; John of Bernardscastell 1373; Patrick Wyot atte Wode 1375; (In 1380 church sacked by French and Castillians); Ralph Rerysby 1385; Hugh Setour 1387; William Tyrell 1405; John Wade 1412; William Buckyngham 1416; John Buckyngham 1422; John Parmentere 1423; William Wodeward 1428; Thomas Astell 1429; John Thomas 1433; Richard Beauchamp 1436; Thomas Kette 1437; Walter Peytewyn 1438; John Colville 1470; Richard Mayhew 1471; David Parsons 1482; John Haddenham 1500; Oliver Stace 1515; Robert Wode 1527; Richard Darrell (no dates); Edmund Atkynson 1529 (gaoled for revelry); John Thompson 1537; Richard Bostock 1541; Henry Strensham 1543; Thomas Chapman 1543; (parish conjoined with St Giles) Peter Danyell 1547 (deposed on accession of Queen Mary); Robert Jordan 1555; Peter Danyell 1559 (reinstated on accession of Queen Elizabeth); Richard Roberts 1565; John Davyson 1569; ? Weller 1576; Robert Poole 1587; William Burges 1604; Robert Thompson 1608; Valentine Stone 1637; Martin Fist 1639; (1649-60 Commonwealth and Protectorate St Thomas a forlorn ruin); Richard Acton 1672; Edward Matthews 1686; Dr John Harris 1690; John Prosser 1707; William Willes 1723; Richard Tireman 1752; Drake Hollingbery 1767; John William Dugdell 1822; Hans Sanders Mortimer 1829; James John West 1831; Edward Whitehead 1872; Henry Patch 1883; John Patch 1901; William Russell Fox 1908; Robert Gresly Douglas 1916; Chapman Carey Andrew Taylor 1927; Ralph Alan Cochrane 1931; Rex Ware 1959; Geoffrey Scott 1978; Keith Wood 1996; Graham Sillis 2000; Howard Allan Stewart Cocks 2004

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Welcome to the World Burial Index. This website gives you the opportunity to search through a unique survey of thousands of Memorial Inscriptions (MIs) taken from: graveyard headstones from memorials in churchyards and cemeteries; inscriptions recorded from within churches and cathedrals; details of church incumbents; war graves and war memorials. ...Also we are now including some Resident Lists; - City of London c1638 and San Francisco, California, USA 1866 (Surnames A-G completed) amongst others.

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This site is an invaluable tool for your family history and historical research because gravestone and cremation plaques (MIs) are often the only place where you can find family relationships, occupations, dates of birth and dates of death to complete the gaps in your family genealogy.
Members of the World Burial Index can browse through the thousands of Interesting Inscriptions at leisure: These include unusual deaths; centenaries; notable occupations and verses which offer an insight into the sometimes humorous and occasionally morbid burial traditions of our ancestors.

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The World Burial Index website will continue to grow as new records are added continuously by our researchers and members both at home and abroad.
As the website records increase it will become a truly comprehensive index of Memorial Inscriptions throughout the world which will give future generations a wonderful insight into their ancestry.

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You can get involved in the World Burial Index project by photographing your local church and sending the photos to us. We will transcribe the memorial inscription and add it and the photo to the website. As a thank you we will give you FREE MEMBERSHIP to the site for a year.

We realise that your local church may not be the site containing your ancestors, but it just might be the one that another person is looking for... and visa versa! We are also seeking photographs of monuments, churches and war memorials in any country; maybe when you are on holiday you could snap some? If there are any would-be researchers in any country who would like to participate in this project, we would love to hear from you - just click here. We have already received churches and cemeteries from the Czech Republic, India, Argentina and Ireland to name but a few!

So if you have a few hours to spare, take a walk to your local church and record its history for the future generations who may be searching their roots back to the early 21st century! If every member recorded their own local churchyard, this information would be invaluable to others trying to find their family's roots. Together it can be done. Click here to find out more.

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Acknowledgements: Contributors & external links list

Contributors and external links list

  1. Brian Hillman: Contributor of Norfolk War Graves. [website link]
  2. John Palmer: Contributor and the Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group (1993) Derbyshire. [website link]
  3. Lambley Holy Trinity Nottinghamshire. [website link]
  4. Celia Heritage is a qualified Genealogist and Lecturer running her own company Heritage Family History. She specialises in running family history classes and individual tuition across the country. [website link]
  5. The Kohima Museum, Imphal Barracks, York. [website link]
  6. David Bird - Norfolk Gravestone Inscriptions. [website link]
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